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Dark Intent Buffed!

So it seems like Warlock’s buffs are now on a par with the mage!!

A tweet from Matticus (http://www.worldofmatticus.com) alerted me to the fact that Warlocks now have the 10% Stamina buff that was previously from the Imp’s Blood Pact baked in to Dark Intent now. Warlocks of the world rejoice!


I followed this up on MMO-Champ to verify (Not because I doubt Matt’s sources, but for journalistic integrity) and the changes are listed under the latest 5.2 ptr notes. As far as I can see the only other changes for Warlocks in the latest build is a wording change on Fel Armor.


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Second Time Lucky?


So after Real Life getting in the way, and a brief foray into the Monk class, (bad idea) and then guild aggro, I’m now hoping to be regularly playing my Warlock, and blogging about it too!

Obviously, much has happened since I last posted. My guild downed Heroic Deathwing the week before Mists hit which was pretty satisfying. Then Mists came out, and I decided to go back to my healing roots, which during 5.0 on a hugely overpowered Panda was great fun. Then 5.1 hit, and it truly felt as though the sky was falling. So, after a brief period of begging our shaman to switch to Resto, I was madly leveling my Warlock once more.

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