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Going Against the Flavour of the Month

I’ve always tended to do things the hard way during my time in the world of Azeroth. Right from when I started, I picked a class that was never going to be capable of holding its own in a competitive situation; the Druid of vanilla was very much along for the buffs, and to spam Healing Touch. God forbid you wanted to be a big furry owl man.

So, at the end of Vanilla, I bowed to pressure, and respecced to Restoration. It wasn’t too bad. With the advent of TBC, Resto Druids became very powerful… almost too much so, so I decided on a change for Wrath. In what was virtually the only FotM change I’ve ever made, I decided to roll a Death Knight. Funnily enough, this change led to the only long term break I’ve taken from WoW, it just never really captured my interest. The problem was, there was a lack of challenge.

Even through Cataclysm, I’ve followed this trend. I played a Resto Druid at release, when they were horribly underperforming. I played a Prot Warrior all throughout Dragon Soul, despite the fact that Prot Paladins and Blood DKs, one of which I already had at maximum level, are arguably the better choices. And most recently, I’ve decided to level up my  poor, long suffering, low level Warlock.

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