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Dark Intent Buffed!

So it seems like Warlock’s buffs are now on a par with the mage!!

A tweet from Matticus ( alerted me to the fact that Warlocks now have the 10% Stamina buff that was previously from the Imp’s Blood Pact baked in to Dark Intent now. Warlocks of the world rejoice!


I followed this up on MMO-Champ to verify (Not because I doubt Matt’s sources, but for journalistic integrity) and the changes are listed under the latest 5.2 ptr notes. As far as I can see the only other changes for Warlocks in the latest build is a wording change on Fel Armor.

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Mists of Pandaria Release Date

So, it has finally been announced at EU and US that the Mists of Pandaria Release Date is 25/09/2012. Blue Post Press Release after the break!

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