Second Time Lucky?


So after Real Life getting in the way, and a brief foray into the Monk class, (bad idea) and then guild aggro, I’m now hoping to be regularly playing my Warlock, and blogging about it too!

Obviously, much has happened since I last posted. My guild downed Heroic Deathwing the week before Mists hit which was pretty satisfying. Then Mists came out, and I decided to go back to my healing roots, which during 5.0 on a hugely overpowered Panda was great fun. Then 5.1 hit, and it truly felt as though the sky was falling. So, after a brief period of begging our shaman to switch to Resto, I was madly leveling my Warlock once more.

The leveling experience was a lot of fun. There was pressure to get leveled and geared asap, but in all, it was fairly painless. I think this was probably because my Warlock is the first class I have leveled in a long time that wasn’t half geared towards questing as DPS and half toward healing or tanking instances.

The gearing certainly made life much easier. In comparison to the monk, everything died much easier. I tried all three specs while leveling  and until 89 or so, I must say that Destro was my favourite. It seemed the most front loaded of the three, with Affliction in particularly taking way too long to ramp up.

At 89, I switched to Demonology for leveling and Affliction for dungeoneering, a setup I have stuck with since, which is working quite well. I have to say, in comparison to the Cataclysm iteration, Demonology is A LOT of fun. The flow of the spec feels much better, and with the odd melee restriction on Metamorphosis from Cata removed, it feels much less clunky. I can’t say what it’s like in end game content, since I’m still sort of getting my head around Affliction, but certainly for solo play it’s fantastic.

As I said, I’m currently running Affliction for Raiding. Which is going well. I think playing a Resto Druid has helped, since DoT micro management isn’t really new to me, but it’s still a learning curve. The spec takes so much pre-planning compared to anything I’ve played before; the idea of making sure all your DoTs are topped up to allow for Haunt to be fully accompanied by Malefic Grasp was something I didn’t get straight away, but has certainly pushed my DPS.

DPS is difficult to judge at the moment, since I’m so undergeared compared to the rest of my team, I’m rooted firmly to the bottom of the meters, which isn’t really a surprise. This said, judging myself in LFR, which I know isn’t the greatest tool, against people of a similar item level, I’m doing competitive numbers. Certainly since the Hit Cap and the 4717 Haste Plateau has helped tremendously.

So, overall, I’m really feeling the lock at the moment. To the point where I’m actually enjoying doing dailies, which, even as I write it, seems horribly wrong.

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